EXO-L vs Army?

If you have been a longtime K-Pop fan, you must have noticed that two fandoms that rarely get along would be EXO-L, fans of EXO and Army, fans of BTS. With the recent incident taking the online world by storm, we summarized 3 facts you need to know about what took place.

  1. A fight between Army who came to buy goods for fan-meeting happened. Some fans mentioned EXO-L out of nowhere. Based on a video recording, a fan said:
    “Quit being an Army, you b**ch like an Erie”
    “are you an Erie? quit being an Army
    Erie is a term used by EXO member Baekhyun to refer to EXO-L.
  2. Not only EXO-L, they also mocked one of the member of EXO, D.O by saying “do you wanna be a fan of the potato?” and “how about the potato farming”
  3. No mainstream Korean media has reported the incident. EXO-L are attempting to trend hashtags on Twitter to call out Army.

Photo credit: Naver Blog

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