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Bianca Zhou, a former K-pop trainee, revealed the most significant difference between the trainees from YG & SM Entertainment.

Bianca Zhou, a former K-Pop trainee, provided her followers with valuable insight into the inner workings of the K-Pop industry on social media platforms such as TikTok. In one of her videos, she explained the differences between two of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, when it comes to the type of trainees they look for.

YG definitely wants people who know who they are, who are very confident — who, when you sing your song or dance your dance for them, they know what type of idol you’re going to be.

– Bianca Zhou

YG Entertainment prefers individuals who already possess a unique style and brand, while SM Entertainment tends to go for those who have a more “blank slate” personality. This difference in approach can be seen in the type of artists each company has introduced to the K-Pop industry. SM has produced a more diverse range of artists, while YG has a reputation for edgier, more rebellious artists.

This is different from other companies. Most companies look for a ‘blank slate’, whereas YG does not. If there are two auditionees who are really talented and they can only take one, they’ll choose the one with the more [distinct] style.

– Bianca Zhou

Zhou also shared that while YG looks for idols with strong personalities, it is still important to remain adaptable during one’s training. This is due to the intense competition in the K-Pop industry, and the rigorous training programs that can last several years.

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