Korean Artists

K-Pop idols are backed by some of the most passionate fanbases around. There are countless devoted fans who are willing to support their favorite stars in any way possible. To make things even more special, some idols are followed by fellow celebrities in the industry, who are referred to as “idols of idols”.

These are the select few that have gained the admiration of many. Some of them have even inspired younger idols to debut in the K-Pop industry. Here are seven of the most renowned “idols of idols” that fans feel top the list.

1. IU

It seems as though IU has an immense amount of admiration from Korea’s top idols! From BTS’ Jungkook to TWICE’s Nayeon, it appears that no one can match the admiration they have for the star.

2. BTS

The tale of BTS’s triumph has been a source of motivation for many up-and-coming idols, from those who have already attained fame to those just starting out. Examples include Hyein from Newjeans, Yunjin from LE SSERAFIM, and Yujin from IVE.

3. Bigbang’s G-dragon

Despite being in Bigbang, G-Dragon’s solo pervasive influence in the industry has been plain to observe for a long time. From fashion to rapping and songwriting, the BIGBANG star has never shied away from testing out novel ideas. This could be why he has garnered such a tremendous fanbase made up of idols like IU, BTS’s Jungkook, and ZICO. G-dragon has brought a legendary legacy in K-pop by designing the first ever official lightstick in K-pop.

4. Bigbang

Aside from Bigbang’s G-dragon, the powerful impact of Bigbang as a group has helped a lot of Korean celebrities like IU, BTS, Blackpink, Twice, and more, strive hard to achieve the success that they’re enjoying now. Bigbang is known as the “Kings of K-pop” or “Idols of Idols” for their skills and global influence back when YouTube has just started started.


BLACKPINK has been a source of inspiration to many, particularly to the younger female idols who have just started their careers in the music industry. Their immense popularity, sensational success, stunning looks, and exceptional talent are just some of the reasons why they are admired and respected by people such as LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha, Stray Kids’s Bangchan, and MOMOLAND’s JooE.

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