G-Dragon’s latest Instagram update greets 2021 with a photo of BIGBANG.

On January 1st, the famous idol star took to his personal Instagram to greet his fans on New Year’s day. He posted two pictures with a simple hashtag “#20210101.”

The first photo, G-Dragon took a screenshot of his phone background on January 1st at 1:11 AM, indicating the year ‘2021’.

The second photo showed members of BIGBANG holding each other’s wrists. The photo revealed his affections towards BIGBANG and the strong teamwork between the members, which grabbed the viewers’ attention. As a result, the global fans are responding enthusiastically.

Gdragon Instagram

YG Entertainment has recently revealed, “G-DRAGON is preparing for his comeback. He is currently working on his upcoming album”.

Stay tuned for further updates!


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