TREASURE unveils their MV teaser for “My Treasure!”

On January 8, YG Entertainment’s rookie group dropped MV teaser for their first full-length album ‘The First Step: Treasure Effect,’ which will drop on January 11 KST.

The teaser included lyrics ‘Don’t worry about a thing’, ‘Laugh with passion once again’, and ‘It’s okay if it doesn’t work, start over,’ which touched the viewers’ hearts rather than grandiose flowery words.

The lyric puzzle pieces of ‘MY TREASURE’, unveiled sentence by sentence have finally been fully revealed, making the fans look forward to TREASURE’s ‘healing song’ even more.


TREASURE’s official debut album ‘THE FIRST STEP : TREASURE EFFECT’ will be released on the 11th at 6 PM, while physical copies will be released the next day, on the 12th.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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