GFRIEND is the latest guest on MBC Music’s “Weekly Idol”!

“Weekly Idol” is popular for their legendary segments, Random Play Dance and the 2X Dance Challenge. GFRIEND is known for being one of the best on random play and they also “started” the 2X Dance Challenge trend.

On the September 20th episode of the program, GFRIEND was picked to try the very new segment which is 2X speed of Random Play Dance.

MCs praised them for being the good ones on their old segment and they wanted GFRIEND to be the very first to try the harder one.

Jung Hyung Don was so sure that GFRIEND will not succeed in one try so he bet on buying the body massage chair with his own money. But the girls proved him wrong. Almost. They went smoothly with “Summer Rain,” “Glass Bead,” “Love Whisper,” “Rough,” and “Me Gustas Tu” but when “Fingertip” came, SinB slightly faltered that made Jung Hyung Don on his knees thanking SinB for not making him purchase a very expensive item.

Check out the legendary 2x random play dance of GFRIEND here:

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