Netizens look back at their favorite ulzzang

The days of ulzzang generation might have passed, but Korean netizens always have fond memories of these visually-pleasing people who once took over the Internet by storm. This time, a post in Pann Nate allow netizens to reminisce over their ulzzang idols. Let’s see some of them!

  1. Lee Chi Hoon
    Birthday: April 30, 1988
    He was in Ulzzang Shidae season 1 and 2
  2. Yoon Ara
    Birthday: April 27, 1992
    She was a cast member in Ulzzang Shidae 6
  3. Yoo Hye Joo
    Instagram: @r_yuhyeju
  4. Han Areum Songyi
    Birthday: February 7, 1993
  5. Ban Yoon Hee
    She is known as the fashion trend-setter (includes Levis long skirts, Adidas T-shirt, Tommy Hilfiger cross-body bag, and cargo pants)

Photo credit: Author via Ulzza

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