If you’re a fan of the 2016 drama “Reply 1988” then you know why this is such a big news.

On February 3, Ambassador Im Sang Woo of South Korean embassy in Madagascar revealed that they are considering the idea of Hyeri as the picket girl of Madagascar positively.

On February 5, Ambassador revealed another news that it would be great opportunity and it would be symbolic if Hyeri would be the picket girl for Madagascar on the upcoming Pyeongchang Olympics.

Hyeri’s agency DreamT Entertainment then responded to the news the next day that the Girl’s Day member did receive an offer but unfortunately she won’t be able to do the role because of her conflicting schedule.

If you didn’t know, Hyeri acted as Dukseon on the drama Reply 1988 and the first episode showed how she prepared to be the picket girl for Madagascar but it didn’t happen because the country backed out from the 1988 Summer Olympics.

Many were wishful for Hyeri to do the picket girl role for Madagascar to continue Dukseon’s dream.

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