iKON surprise the world with their comeback!


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iKON made a comeback with Love Scenario in January, and it is by far their best comeback after 3 years in the industry.

Last year, fans made fun of iKON and their fandom. Some K-pop fans called iKON as a flop group. Most people thought that it would be hard for iKON to rank on charts in their January comeback due to the fact that many groups are planning to comeback this January and February.

But guess what? iKON and iKONICS prove the real connection that is happening within the fandom.

It’s been known that iKONICS were sad to know that only them acknowledge how much iKON members value their supporters. iKONICS know that iKON members value iKONICS like a real family. Thanks to their VLive CH+ updates where the iKON members always show their real selves and update their supporters with their personal life events.

Upon knowing how much iKON worked hard for this comeback, iKONICS around the globe decided to unite.

iKONICS united not only because they want iKON to rank on charts, iKONICS united to reward the boys for their hard work. iKONICS want the boys to be happy and know that they may not have one of the biggest fandoms in K-pop industry, but iKONICS love for them can create miracles.

And yes, the miracle just happened.

We all know how hard it is to rank in Korean’s music charts, and how hard it is to stay at the top, but iKON did it.

iKON’s Return album is one of the legendary albums in K-pop where all the songs on the album are amazing!

Despite the fact that iKON’s comeback is not a hype song like what K-pop groups usually release, it’s incredible to see a song like iKON’s Love Scenario to still slay the charts

Love Scenario is slaying for 12 days already and is hitting (and even walking) the roof of Melon’s chart.

Love Scenario achieved 25 all kill and 22 PERFECT all kill on Korean music charts despite the comeback of other huge K-pop groups. (As of February 6, 2018, 1:30 PM KST)


iKON is the only boy group that was able to achieve PAK after Bigbang. Bigbang is the first group to achieve PAK in the history of K-pop.

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Despite the success, iKON continue to remain humble.

B.I. once said in an interview that it would feel good to rank on charts but he also said that this comeback really is for iKONICS, to make their supporters happy.

With iKON and iKONICS’ hard work, we can really say that they deserve the success that they are getting now. They succeed not because they’re from YG Entertainment. They succeed because of iKON’s hard work to make iKONICS happy and proud, and iKONICS wanting to reward and make the iKON members happy.

The Return album is indeed more than just an album. It’s a memory worth keeping.

Check out iKON’s Love Scenario below.

What can you say about iKON’s unexpected HUGE success? What’s your favorite song on their new album?




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