Taking it into SNS

On April 20, actress Han Ye Seul shared her painful experience dealing with a medical accident. The actress underwent a surgical surgery of lipoma (a fatty lump most often situated between the skin and underlying muscle layer). The simple surgery went wrong when Han Ye Seul was left with visible scarring and outrageous stitches – so bad it looks like it was done by someone who’s not a medical professional.

Hospital’s response

Han Ye Seul didn’t disclose the name of the surgeon or the hospital she went to. The hospital turns out to be CHA Gangnam Medical Center. Below is their official statement:

Han Ye Seul received lipoma removal surgery on April 2. In order to prevent the operation from leaving a scar, we made an incision (shown at the bottom of her photo) and dug into the lipoma region from there. In the process of using a heated tool to remove the lipoma, a burn occurred on the skin (the oval shape in her photo).

The area of the burn is located on her torso below the left armpit. We are providing support in hopes of full restoration through plastic surgery.

We performed a stitching procedure on the skin right after the accident, but a part of the area wouldn’t stitch together. We then contacted a burn specialist to request treatment.

The burn specialist said it would be best to undergo additional treatment after the wound settles down, so she is currently receiving outpatient treatment. We are also having discussions on further compensation for when she completes treatment.”

We wish her speedy recovery.

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