Arab Fans
Arab iKONICS showed their support towards iKON.


Recently, iKON was interviewed by one of Saudi Arabia’s news channel, Al Arabiya.

During the interview, iKON’s Yunhyeong revealed that even though they don’t know how to read the comments that their Arab fans commented on their SNS posts since it’s in Arab language, they still feel overwhelmed knowing that they are receiving a lot of support from their Arab iKONICS.

Yunhyeong also mentioned that he watches Arab shows and have been wanting to visit the country. He also added that he wants to try two of Saudi Arabia’s popular dishes, Kabsa and Mandi.

iKON’s Chanwoo also said that even though they haven’t met the Arab iKONICS yet, the group is hoping that they could meet every Arab iKONICS more often soon.

They were asked about how they felt about their comeback’s massive success, breaking records for the first time in 10 years.

iKON’s Donghyuk answered that they had grown a lot since their Welcome Back era which was two years ago. He added that iKON’s leader who also writes all their songs, B.I. or Hanbin, has grown and found new inspirations in writing songs which led them to enjoy new types of music.

iKON’s Jinhwan added that the secret to their massive success is their supporters from around the world. He also said that being interviewed like this inspires the group to work even harder.

They were also asked random questions that iKONICS would surely want to know.

iKON revealed that Jinhwan spends a lot of money to buy things and foods for all the iKON members just to make the group happy.

They also revealed that Donghyuk is the fashionista in the group. He even opens his closet to the other members once in a while and let them get and keep the clothes that they want from his closet.

iKON revealed that they think Junhoe is the first one to get married and is one of the most energetic members of the group along with Yunhyeong. They also chose Jinhwan as the member who might be the last one to get married, Chanwoo as the most thrifty member in the group, Bobby as the sleepy head of the group and the best driver.

All throughout the interview, you’ll get to see the leadership that iKON’s leader, B.I., has shown. 

If you want to know why, then watch the full interview below. You’ll learn more interesting facts about iKON that the members had revealed only in the interview. (Don’t forget to turn on the captions.)

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