Controversy arises

HyunA’s ‘Babe’ promotion period might have come to an end, but the controversy that surrounds the album sure hasn’t. The singer released her latest album, ‘Following’ earlier this August. The title track, ‘Babe’ was deemed shocking by many; but the album jacket pictures is the last straw that breaks the camel’s bag. The pictures feature HyunA posing sexily, sending seductive glances to the camera while eating a banana. However, it’s the fact that she’s also posing while holding a teddy bear that causes netizens to express their discomfort. A top comment even described her pictures as ‘porn flier posted around the neighborhood’. Another comment says, “I don’t know about lolita but these pictures do look like they were meant to turn on whoever’s looking at them.”

What do you think of her album jacket pictures?

Photo credit: ENews24 via Naver

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