iKON achieves new record in K-pop, becoming another strong group under YG Entertainment.


Yang Hyun Suk must be celebrating right now after the huge success that all YG Entertainment groups have achieved this year— breaking records, creating new records, sweeping no.1 all music shows and charts, internationally renowned artists, and more.

Just when you thought iKON’s done getting new milestones for this year, then you are wrong!

iKON just recently achieved more than 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) Gaon Digital Streams.

No other K-pop group has achieved this milestone this year. iKON is the first one to achieve such achievement this year.

Everyone’s not surprised at all since iKON’s Love Scenario became one of the legendary songs in K-pop’s history.

Well, everyone knows how picky YG Entertainment is when releasing songs. They always prioritize quality over quantity. And it’s indeed working!

iKON’s Love Scenario was written by iKON’s leader himself, Kim Hanbin, or mostly knows as B.I.

iKON is known for writing and producing their own songs since pre-debut and debut.

They also choreograph their own dances.

Aren’t they very talented? Watch iKON’s “Killing Me” below where iKON partially choreographed their dance.


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