Top 10 K-Pop Songs
What song do you think dominated all South Korean music charts in the past eight months?


The third quarter of 2018 is already about to end and that means the year-end awards are getting closer.

What songs are currently dominating all music charts? Check out this top 10 list below:

  1. iKON’s Love Scenario
    iKON dominated all the charts in 2018. There’s no doubt that YG’s two-year-old group is rising with their 2nd album with the title track “Love Scenario.” Everyone can confidently say that iKON’s Love Scenario is the biggest song in South Korea this year. It became one of the legendary songs that you can put it side-by-side to Bigbang’s Fantastic Baby. This song united people from different generations and all types of gender. iKON already reached more than 1 BILLION Gaon points which no other K-pop group has done this year. iKON’s Love Scenario stayed 97 weeks on all music charts and is still in the top 50 as of writing.
  2. Blackpink’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du
    This is, by far, the biggest comeback of Blackpink. YG’s youngest group and only girl group is indeed rising to the top. Despite being a new group, Blackpink consistently prove their legacy in the K-pop industry. Blackpink’s Ddu-Du Ddu-Du stayed 63 weeks on all music charts.
  3. Momoland’s Boom Boom
    Another song that went viral this year due to the catchy beat is Momoland’s Boom Boom. Despite having plagiarism issues, many people still couldn’t resist dancing to Boom Boom due to its very catch beat. Boom Boom stayed 61 weeks on music charts. Also, let’s not forget Nancy’s visual becoming viral this year.
  4. Mamamoo’s Starry Night
    Mamamoo has proven their popularity in South Korea once again. With their powerful voices, Mamamoo’s Starry Night stayed for 51 weeks on music charts.
  5. Twice’s What Is Love?
    Twice’s first comeback with “What Is Love?” this year also successfully made it to the list. The Nation’s Girl Group proved that they are indeed loved by the South Korean crowd are their “What Is Love?” stayed for 46 weeks on all music charts in South Korea.
  6. GFriend’s Time For The Moonlight
    GFriend also made it to the list for their comeback with “Time For The Moonlight.” This has been one of the biggest comebacks so far. They won more than 10 awards on music shows. G-Friend stayed for 44 weeks on all music charts this year.
  7. Twice’s Dance The Night Away
    Twice’s second comeback made it to the list as well! Dance The Night Away stayed for 40 weeks on music charts. The group is indeed receiving lots of love from Korean netizens.
  8. Bigbang’s Flower Road
    With no promotion, no official music video, no performance, and after all the issues that Bigbang members had been through in the previous year, the legendary Kings of K-pop i indeed unstoppable and still made it to the top 8 with the song “Flower Road.” Flower Road is a song made by Bigbang for all their fans. Flower Road stayed for 38 weeks on all music charts.
  9. Red Velvet’s Bad Boy
    Red Velvet’s first comeback for this year with Bad Boy also made it to the list. SM Entertainment’s youngest girl group is also rising this year. With their mysterious concept, the Korean netizens loved their comeback which made the song stayed for 37 weeks on music charts.
  10. BTS’ Fake Love
    As expected from BTS, with their huge fandom, there’s no doubt that their first comeback this year is a huge hit. With their huge fandom, Fake Love made it to the top 10. Fake Love stayed for 37 weeks on music charts.

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