Who are the top three K-pop groups that influenced Momoland members to become idols?


Recently, Momoland had a short interview with an American YouTube channel where they were challenged not to react to the legendary songs in K-pop and to their songs.

The songs were SNSD’s Gee, Bigbang’s Bang Bang Bang, 2ne1’s IATB, and two of Momoland’s popular songs— Boom Boom and Baam.

After listening to the songs, all the members revealed how much they love 2ne1, Bigbang, and SNSD. They revealed that those songs reminded them of their childhood.

JooE revealed that those songs were here ringtones and even background music on her phone.

Nancy revealed that those legendary groups were the reasons why she wanted to become a K-pop idol.

The other members also said that it’s hard to resist the songs from the three legendary groups of K-pop.

Indeed, the golden era of K-pop during Bigbang, SNSD, and 2ne1’s era is just too good to resist.

Watch the full video below:

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