After Hyundai’s collaboration with iKON’s Chanwoo, Samsung chose iKON’s Chanwoo to be the model of Samsung’s exclusive Fornite skin for the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S10.

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After Samsung and Fortnite’s collaboration last year, Samsung officially revealed that the pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S10 will have an exclusive Fornite skin that was inspired from their chosen model, Jung Chanwoo— a vocalist from the K-pop group, iKON.

Aside from being a K-pop idol and a huge baseball fan, Chanwoo is known to be one of the most active online gamers in the K-pop industry.

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Recently on his official YouTube channel, Chanwoo posted a video of him playing Fortnite.

Today, iKON was chosen by Samsung to promote and perform at Galaxy S10’s launching party.

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