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Are you ready for iKON Ju-Ne’s thirst-quenching surprise?

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It’s not been long since iKON members created their personal Instagram accounts.

Recently, iKON Ju-Ne’s personal Instagram account reached one million followers.

To celebrate this huge milestone, Ju-Ne shared a very sexy photo that only a few K-pop idols could ever dare to post.

iKON Ju-Ne posted a photo of him with well-defined abs and wearing only his Supreme boxer shorts.


iKON Ju-ne or Junhoe is known as a sassy diva to iKON’s fans and iKON members. Despite being a celebrity, he is popular to his supporters as a person with a carefree and genuine character.

Being one of the youngest in iKON, other members left hilarious comments on Ju-Ne’s Instagram post. Of course, Ju-Ne replied to all their comments.

Check out the English translations of their interactions below.


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