Apology To Blackpink

Lotte officially releases public apology to Blackpink and their fans.


Last Friday, Blackpink performed at Lotte Duty Free Family Festival.

In the middle of Blackpink’s performance for Forever Young, one of the Lotte’s staff interrupted the groups’s performance.

Blackpink, as well as the audience, were confused and surprised about the situation.

In this video, you can see Blackpink’s confused faces why the staff cut their performance.

The staff revealed that there were still a lot of people who weren’t able to come in yet. But days later, Lotte officially revealed their public apology regarding what happened.

Here’s their public apology that was posted on Lotte’s official Facebook page:

Many fans were anticipating Blackpink’s performances of their new songs.

Blackpink and YG Entertainment felt sorry that this happened. Blackpink apologized and decided to give out free Baskin Robbins ice cream for everyone. Blackpink even added a cute touch on the ice creams. They added #DDu-Du-Ddu-Du stickers on it.

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