YG's Secret

What made YG Entertainment maintain their worldwide success for more than a decade?


YG Entertainment has always been known as the home of swag and hip-hop in the K-pop industry.

Undeniably, all songs from YG Entertainment receive massive support from people around the world. People always look forward to their new songs.

Whenever YG Entertainment hints a comeback, it becomes a hot topic worldwide. Even Korean and foreign celebrities always look forward to their new songs.

But it’s not always been a beautiful and smooth journey for YG Entertainment, the company constantly receives never ending issues and comparison from their haters. For years, some people always say that the company is no longer powerful, but music charts don’t lie. Their artists, even their new groups, always create new records in the K-pop industry. Even haters couldn’t resist listening to YG Entertainment’s songs.

Aside from their music and loyal supporters, there is one secret that makes YG Entertainment a successful company worldwide.


And that is their artists’ attitude.


YG Entertainment’s artists keep a healthy mindset despite receiving unnecessary hate from people.

They always remain humble, cool, and respectful even though they are already considered as legendary groups in the music industry worldwide.

G-Dragon once said that, “I personally don’t care what others said about me. If I were easily affected by their (haters) feedback, we won’t be able to be true to ourselves.”

iKON’s leader, Hanbin, was once asked about what he thinks about haters. Hanbin replied, “My mom taught me not to hate anyone.”

When a hater called 2ne1’s CL “a fat b*tch” on Instagram, CL smoothly replied with, “Just looking in the mirror right now and not gonna lie, I’m loving what I see!”

And last but not the least, when a Korean rapper disrespected TOP and G-Dragon’s talent out of nowhere, TOP’s fans told him about via Instagram.

TOP wittingly replied with, “Let’s all say fighting (hwaiting) [for him.]”

Indeed, despite the worldwide fame that YG artists are enjoying for more than ten years, their artists still remain humble and respectful.

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