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iKON is dominating almost all the year-end music charts in 2018.

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Bugs, Genie, and Mnet already revealed their year-end chart and iKON’s Love Scenario ranked at No.1 in the three Korean music charts.

Despite not getting the Song of the Year award during MAMA 2018, Mnet revealed that the no.1 song in Mnet’s chart this year is iKON’s Love Scenario.

Bugs and Genie’s music charts also revealed that the number one song in their charts for 2018 is iKON’s Love Scenario.

There are still four charts left, Soribada, Naver, Melon, and Gaon.

Most likely, iKON’s Love Scenario will still be the number one on those charts as iKON’s Love Scenario became the song that stayed at no.1 for the longest time this year, and also the song with the highest number of Perfect All Kills in the history of Korean music industry.

iKON’s Love Scenario recorded an astounding 204 Perfect All Kills.

Do you think iKON’s Love Scenario will also rank no.1 in Soribada, Naver, Melon, and Gaon? Comment your thoughts below.

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