Are you ready for iKON TV?!


It looks like iKONICS receive lots of love from YG this year. After the legendary comeback of iKON that swept charts for months with Love Scenario and is still ranking up until today on the music charts, iKON announced another amazing gift for iKONICS.

iKON officially dropped the official teaser and timeslot for iKON TV.

iKON TV is produced by the iKON members. The members took part in the planning, shooting, and post-production of the show.

The staffs were surprised as they discovered the creative side of the iKON members. They were surprised of iKON’s refreshing ideas and entertainment wits.

iKON TV will have ten episodes and will be aired every Saturday and Sunday in JTBC, on Vlive, and on YouTube, at different timeslots.

Wartch iKON TV’s official teaser below.


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