The last song of JBJ for fans have been released!

JBJ is a project group created because of fans’ request. They all came from Produce 101 Season 2. This month of April, their contract expires and it’s now time for them to go on their separate ways.

For the last time, JBJ returned with a new album entitled “New Moon” with title track “Call Your Name”.

If you’re a JOYFUL (fan of JBJ) then their title track is perfect for you. It narrates how their fans and the boys made a miracle and met and although it seems like it’s ending, they’re saying that this might not be the end. They also showed fans how they are thankful for calling their name.

All members of JBJ will stay together until April 30 as their contract expires.

Check out their music video here and don’t forget to bring tissue before watching!

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