Is Yunhyeong really the center of iKON?

Song Yunhyeong, who is known with his stage name “Yoyo” or “Song,” is one of the five vocalists of iKON who has a truly soulful voice.

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But aside from his soulful voice, there are more reasons why iKON and iKONICS consider Yunhyeong as the center of iKON:

1. All iKON members love to make fun of Yunhyeong since Yunhyeong is usually the one who loves to plan sneaky ideas among the members.

This game was actually Yunhyeong’s plan but look at how much the members enjoyed this:


2. All the members love to tease him the most. In iKON TV’s personality test episode, all iKON members pranked him and see how happy all the members were.

Well, expect for Yunhyeong:


3. He always makes the best “daddy jokes/aegyos” that can make all the iKON members laugh out loud instead of cringe.

Believe it or not, iKON members know that his jokes are usually too old style, but iKON members always enjoy seeing Yunhyeong confidently showing to the world his lame jokes/aegyos.

Just like this one here:


4. Since Yunhyeong is the person who loves to plan in iKON, other iKON members always look forward to his plans and make the most out from Yunhyeong’s plans.

Watch iKON members cook with Chef Yunhyeong as their teacher:


5. Yunhyeong can gather all iKON members and can make them do something even if the members hate doing it.

iKON members always show their support to Yunhyeong because iKON members know it makes Yunhyeong happy to see them participating to his plans.

Watch iKON members dance to a girl group’s song:


But who does Yunhyeong love to plan and gather all the iKON members to make them happy?

It’s because for Yunhyeong, iKON members’ brotherhood and happiness matters more than their popularity or more than their celebrity status. He values them like true brothers since iKON members spent their teenage years together.

iKON’s B.I. once said that Yunhyeong could be a potential leader for iKON since he always tries to gather all iKON members and takes good care of each member, on and off camera.

Watch this short clip as a proof:

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