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iKON continues to unite the K-pop entertainment and online gaming industry.

Fortnite players are getting crazy over iKON Chanwoo’s “Scenario” emote.

After iKON Bobby’s collaboration with international artists for League of Legends’ theme song “Rise,” iKON Chanwoo is now bringing more online gamers to the world of K-pop.

iKON Chanwoo’s “Scenario” emote is catching the ears of many Fortnite players.

Fortnite players mentioned that because of the catchy music and the choreography of the “Scenario” emote are what makes this emote unique and even better compared to the other existing emotes in the game.

Fortnite players were totally impressed of the “Scenario” emote that they were surprised that it came from a K-pop song.

Fortnite players claimed that the “Scenario” emote must be the best emote that Fortnite has created so far.

Some many Fortnite players who used to not like K-pop are now falling in love into iKON’s Love Scenario and couldn’t stop commenting on the official music video of iKON’s Love Scenario.

Fortnite players love the “Scenario” emote that some even made a 1-hour version of iKON Chanwoo’s “Scenario” emote on YouTube for Fortnite players to enjoy.

The “scenario” emote was inspired from iKON Chanwoo’s physical appearance and iKON’s Love Scenario choreography.

Check out iKON’s “Scenario” emote on Fortnite:

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