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iKON just revealed a huge Valentine surprise for iKONICS and most iKONICS don’t know about it yet!

Valentine’s day was long overdue but for iKON’s fandom, everyday feels like Valentine’s day.

It has been announced that Samsung chose iKON to be their ambassador for Samsung GalaxyS10 and iKON Chanwoo has been chosen as the model for an exclusive Fortnite skin.

However, the huge surprise is, the name of iKON Chanwoo’s Fortnite skin was named after iKON’s fandom, iKONIK.

Yes, the biggest surprise is that iKON’s exclusive Fortnite skin is officially called as iKONIK K-pop Skin.

Indeed, iKON just have amazing ways to pay back their supporters’ undying love for them.

Fortnite players have been talking a lot about the iKONIK K-pop Skin and “Scenario” emote on the internet.

Fortnite is being played by more than 125 million players around the world.

Check out iKON’s exclusive full iKONIK skin here:

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