A Lou Gehrig employee revealed that iKON’s B.i. secretly sends donation on his birthday for three years.


iKON B.i— a singer, songwriter, producer, and composer of YG Entertainment, was revealed to be a secret donator of a Lou Gehrig patient for three years now.

In the past two years, B.i. already donated more or less 30 million won since 2016.

This year, on his birthday, he donated 10, 220,000 million won.

The foundation revealed that B.i. whose real nane is Kim Hanbin, didn’t the public to know about this good deed, but the foundation revealed that B.i. deserves acknowledgement for his good intentions.

Indeed, iKON B.i. is more than just an incredible artist. He is also a role model and a good influence to his peers.

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