Love Scenario
iKON’s Love Scenario is not yet done in breaking and creating new records in K-pop!


After 9 months from the release of Love Scenario, the phenomenal song of iKON continues to create new record and makes history in Korea’s music industry.

Aside from the fact that Xiami Music App just recently revealed that iKON’s Return Album is the most streamed 2018 K-pop album this year in China, iKON’s Love Scenario is also making a new record on Gaon Chart.

iKON’s Love Scenario became the first ever song that achieves Double Download Platinum on Gaon Chart.

This means that iKON’s Love Scenario was downloaded more than 2,500,000 times since the song was released.

iKON’s Love Scenario is also the fastest song to reach 2,500,000 downloads since 2013.

It has only been 9 months since the song was released but iKON’s Love Scenario already reached that amount of downloads.

Aside from the Download category, iKON’s Love Scenario was also awarded earlier this year as the first ever song to get Streaming Platinum award for being the first ever song that had more than 1,000,000 unique streams.

Indeed, despite being not awarded as Song Of The Year in some year-end award shows in South Korea this year, with no doubt, iKON’s Love Scenario is South Korea’s Song of the Year.

Check out iKON’s Love Scenario below:

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