YG Trainees
YG Entertainment officially introduces their hidden trainees after their years of intense training. Who will be your favorite YG trainees?

YG Entertainment do not usually reveal their trainees to the public unless they’re already set to debut in a few months

But YG Entertainment breaks that habit now.

With their new show, ‘YG Treasure Box,’ YG Entertainment will debut a new boy group who’ll make it to the top list at the finale of the show.

Some of the famous YG trainees like Bang Yedam, Lee Midam, Lee Byoung Gon, and Choi Hyunsuk were already revealed to be part of the show. All of them are part of Treasure A.

Some of the trainees were also Japanese. Check out more YG Trainees here:

YG Treasure A

YG Treasure B

YG Treasure C

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