Albums In China
What is China’s most favorite new K-pop album this year?


Xiami, a Chinese music application, reveals the top 10 most streamed 2018 K-pop albums on their app.

What groups and albums made it to the list? Check out this list below:

    1. iKON’s Return Album- 27,300 listeners

      Aside from the fact that iKON’s Love Scenario became South Korea’s second national anthem this year, other songs in iKON’s Return Album are indeed some of the best songs in K-pop. Which one is your favorite in iKON’s Return Album? Check out iKON’s Don’t Forget below:


    2. Red Velvet’s The Perfect Red Velvet- 23,600 listeners

    3. Blackpink’s Square Up- 18,800 listeners
    4. NCT’s Empathy- 17,200 listeners

    5. EXO’s Countdown- 12,300 listeners

    6. EXO’s Don’t Mess Up My Tempo- 11,900 listeners
    7. Red Velvet’s Summer Magic-11,400 listeners
    8. Momoland’s Great!- 10,200 listeners
    9. Jonghyun’s Poet|Artist-  9,600 listeners
    10. Winner’s EVERYD4Y- 7,900 listeners

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