JYP Trainee
JYP Entertainment faces new abusive issue.


Zhennan, one of JYP’s former trainees, revealed that the chairman of JYP Entertainment slapped him before when he was still a trainee.

Zhennan revealed that the JYP chairman slapped him twice after Zhennan threw his phone on the table.

Zhennan was shocked to what happened and called his mom after to tell her that he no longer want to be an idol.

But Zhennan’s parents told him to finish the path that he has chosen.

Zhennan’s father left a message for JYP Entertainment’s chairman:



Zhennan was 14 years old when he started his training under JYP Entertainment. His training under JYP lasted for three years.

This is not the first time that JYP Entertainment was accused of abusing an artist.

Years ago, Jay Park also mentioned before that JYP trainers physically and verbally abuse the trainees if they happen to make a mistake when dancing or singing.

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