iKON Hallyu Wave
YG officially dropped iKON’s comeback date and teaser photo on Instagram but deleted it later on.


Yes, iKON will officially have a comeback sooner than expected.

Yang Hyun Suk finally dropped iKON’s long-awaited comeback for the second half of 2018.

Yang Hyun Suk posted these on Instagram and deleted it after a few minutes.

One of the most long-awaited comebacks for iKONICS, iKON’s comeback is officially a continuation of iKON’s New Kids era wherein iKON dropped Bling Bling and Bday.

A week ago, Yang Hyun Suk also posted video teasers for iKON’s comeback that surprised everyone.

Are you excited for the kontinuation of iKON’s New Kids promotion? Comment your thoughts below!

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