Kim Jong Kook was the latest guest of the JTBC variety program “Knowing Brothers” and he shared lots of things about him and his work.

One thing he shared is how his condition made him wear slippers on set. He revealed that he recently got “gout” that made it hard for him to film one of his programs.

He shared that there was one time, he got gout due to consuming lots of protein. He was scheduled for Running Man filming and he almost skipped it because it was too painful. Kim Jong Kook even said that he wasn’t able to sleep because of the pain.

He got to attend the filming of Running Man by drinking pain killers and he wore slippers on the set which got criticized by some viewers and find it rude to do that. Other viewers said that they didn’t like that attitude of Kim Jong Kook.

One of the members of “Knowing Brothers” then joked, “Is that the reason why Kang Ho Dong wanted to take your place on the show?”. Kang Ho Dong then commented in a joke form that Kim Jong Kook is an amateur because professionals can’t be sick.

Kim Jong Kook then played along and stated, “Huh? I think I read that one time in the comments during those times”.

Previously, Running Man was set to have a reformat and rumors circulated that Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo will be out of the cast and they will be replaced by Kang Ho Dong.

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