Viewers are disappointed

Recently-released movie ‘Real’ featuring some A-list actors like Kim Soo-Hyun, Sung Dong-Il and Choi Jin-Ri (better known as f(x)’s ex-member Sulli) received less-than-positive reviews from viewers. Some moviegoers even rated the movie 1 out of 10. The movie, marketed as Kim Soo-Hyun’s last movie before he enlists in the army, failed to meet the viewers’ expectation. The plot was described as nonexistent, and another viewer described the movie as ‘a collaboration between hypotension and narcolepsy’.

Controversy regarding the leaked scenes

‘Real’ also often promoted Sulli’s bed scene to lure the viewers. Only a few days after the movie hit the cinema, however, the scene quickly circulated online illegally. The production company even has asked the police to investigate the leak of part of the film’s scenes.


While ‘Real’ faces serious backlash, Netflix’s original movie ‘Okja’ directed by Bong Joon-Ho receives positive reviews from viewers. The film raises awareness on things happening to animals and has successfully caused some viewers to shed tears.

Photo credit: TVDaily via Naver

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