The next fashion trends…

As promised, we’ll be discussing Korean summer fashion trend once again through this post! Previously, we have seen what’s hot in Korea now that the summer is here, but let’s take a look at more trending items. Let’s go!

1. T-shirt and ripped jeans

For males, the ‘boyfriend look’ is as popular during summer as it is during any other seasons. For summer, you’d be seeing lots of sleeveless T-shirts paired with ripped jeans and as mentioned in the previous post, strap sandals. And when we said T-shirt, we don’t mean just any T-shirt! T-shirts with words or slogan printed on them is the ‘it’ item, so make sure you have one ready in your closet

2. Power shoulder

For females, get ready to show some skin! If you’re not confident about your lower body part, you can always show off your beautiful collarbone and shoulder. The Sabrina-style shirt is both perfect for the weather and is worthy to be featured in your #OOTD post

3. Round glasses

Finally, for the accessory! Even if you have no eye problem, there’s nothing wrong about getting a pair of round glasses. Rose-tinted glasses are now back in season, after all.

Photo credit: Author via Canva


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