Must-have fashion items

Continuing our post on K-Pop summer playlist, we’re back with another summer essential: fashion items. Summer is the season to show off your body, get tanned skin, and hit the beach! Although it may not be summer where you live, it’s always a good idea to have some fashion ideas. Let’s see what’s trending in Korea right now!

1. Floral

The floral pattern is back in season! Time to buy some sundresses with floral pattern, or you can always rock a floral-pattern top.

2. Denim

It’s hard to pinpoint when denim is not trending, but you may want to rock that denim again. Apparently, even high-end fashion brands are bringing back denim to the runway.

3. Strap sandals

The last must-have fashion item for this season would be strap sandals! And just not just any strap sandals; heeled sandals are everywhere in Korea right now. You’d be seeing lots of block heel sandals.

Stay tuned for the second part tomorrow!

Photo credit: Author via Canva

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