Momoland Nancy

Momoland Nancy & JooE receive backlash after their alleged awful behavior on the stage.


After Blackpink’s 8th win for Ddu Du Ddu Du, Blackpink had the chance to give their thank you message to their company staff and their fans.

However, what caught the netizens’ attention were the reactions of Momoland members, Nancy and JooE.

While Blackpink’s Lisa was giving her thank you message, K-pop fans caught Nancy staring at Lisa at a very strong and sharp manner.

Netizens call out Nancy for this so-called “rude” behavior while some K-pop fans said that it could be that Nancy was just sleepy and tired.

For JooE, K-pop fans were mad over the fact that JooE didn’t bother to bow to his seniors and other K-pop idols after the event while other idols were too busy bowing and greeting each other.

What do you think about these issues?

Check out this video below:

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