iKON’s Love Scenario is the number one viral K-pop song this year in South Korea!


Almost six months after the release of iKON’s Love Scenario, the legendary song of YG Entertainment’s group still is the song of the town due to its addictive melody and lyrics that everyone could relate to.

The song is undeniably addictive, however, the elementary kids already brought their addition on Love Scenario to the extreme level that their teachers can’t control them already whenever they start singing the song. Even parents already had enough of their kids singing to iKON’s Love Scenario all day long.

That’s why school officers have already decided to ban iKON’s Love Scenario in their school.

This is just a proof on how successful iKON’s Love Scenario is in South Korea.

After almost six months, iKON’s Love Scenario is still ranking on top 50 of all Korean music charts.

Love Scenario has also created and broke records this year, making it the biggest comeback in the first half of 2018.

What do you think of this decision? Do you think schools should ban Love Scenario inside their premises?

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