So why give importance to these silica gel bags found in new purchased purse, shoes, medicine bottles and other stuff? When I was younger, seeing these sachets with ‘do not eat’ label gave me an idea that it’s toxic and should be thrown immediately. However, recently I saw a post on Facebook about some nice-to-know facts on familiar yet often discarded items in our houses. One of those caught my attention so I did a research and found amazing clever ways to use silica gel bags. I am just so excited to share these tips to you, guys. I hope from now on you will keep those packets because whether you believe it or not, they can be useful in so many ways.

1.Protect silver

Place a silica gel bag in your jewelry box to keep earings, necklace, ring and bracelet from moisture. Moisture can cause damage or lead to tarnish on silver jewelries.

2. Protect photographs

If you have pictures you haven’t place in an album yet and just kept in a box, make sure to insert silica gel sachet to keep it dry and safe.

3. Keep luggage dry

Travelling on a suitcase? Slip a few silica packets on your bag to keep it dry, moisture-free and odorless. It is like a cheap deodorizer plus it won’t consume additional space.

4. Dry a wet phone

I know we all experience this at some point of our lives. You accidentally drop your phone on water and you feel like the world just stop revolving. Don’t panic. Don’t try to salvage it by turning the power on. Instead remove the battery, sim and memory card. Get a bowl and fill it up with silica gel. Place your phone overnight so the gel will absorb the liquid.

5. Prevent pre-mature dulling of razor blades

We shave, right? To prolong the life span of your razor blades, after using blot it dry with a cloth. Then enclose it in a plastic container with some of your silica gel bags.

6. Keep shoes odor-free

Especially on rainy season, our shoes can get smelly and wet. To keep it moisture-free and inhibit growth of bacteria causing bad odor, place silica gel bags on the sole of your shoes. Do this overnight.

7. Preserve ornaments like Christmas decorations

As much as we want to celebrate Christmas everyday, we usually do this once in a year. We only display these Christmas decorations come December and after new year we store them back inside a box. To protect them from moisture that can cause early degradation of materials, place a couple of silica bags with them.

8. Avoid musty smell from the bathroom

Place at the bottom of your towel hamper. There will be no musty scent in the bathroom.

9. Save seeds

Love gardening? If you have spare seeds that you plan to use in the future, store them in a ziplock enclose with a sachet of silica gel to keep molds away.

  1. Dry flowers faster

Got a bouquet of flowers from your special someone? Flowers serve as a memento and we want to keep it as long as we can. The problem though is letting them dry out can take too long and the drying process can cause premature ‘death’ before they’re totally dried. This will make the flowers look ugly. But if you place the flowers in a plastic bag with silica gel packets, you can speed up the drying process.

So now you know a lot of uses of these silica gel bags. Don’t throw them away next time, okay?

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