NU’EST W wanted to keep their promise for their music show win and for sure, LOVEs will fall for them more with this video!

On their comeback showcase, reporters asked NU’EST W about their promise if they won on any music shows. The boys stated that they wanted to recreate what they did on their last comeback “Where You At”, wherein they danced their choreography in a costume. But this time, they will take it to the next level.

As expected, fans of NU’EST W didn’t disappoint and the boys got their first win on “Music Bank”. To keep their promise, NU’EST W uploaded their choreography video for “Dejavu” on July 28.

Members Aron, Baekho, JR and Ren went for the extreme on their costumes. Aron as Ario (Mario), Baekho as a roasted chicken named Ho-Dadak, Ren is a full tooth “Mango Tooth” and JR, the most extreme one is a Tyrannosaurus Rex as Jjerano Saurus.

Check out their cute video here!

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