Why his death is important

To think how lonely he had been during the final days, or even minutes, of his life still brought tears to my eyes. Many others, just like me, are still having a hard time processing the fact he’s gone. Nevertheless, his death has taught us some bitter, important lessons.

  1. Idols are human, just like us
    Just because they seem to live a fancier, happier life, it doesn’t mean idols don’t struggle. They’re constantly pressured by the public, the entertainment companies, the media, and even sometimes, the fans. They’re always in scrutiny, especially once they hit it big. Like us, they have their own worries, their own concerns, and their own fears.
  2. Depression is real, it’s not a joke
    People who are depressed may have a hard time expressing their thoughts and feelings, even to their immediate family members. If you notice your friend or family member shows signs of depression, reach out to them. Make sure they get the help needed.
  3. Suicide is not the way out
    Jonghyun was in a dark place when he decided to take his own life. Suicide shouldn’t be glorified, as it is not the way out.

Lastly, Jonghyun, you have worked hard.

Photo credit: Next Daily

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