Kim Samuel clarified the misunderstanding on his statement when he guested on a radio show.

Previously, Samuel guested on a radio show and shared a story between him and Wanna One members. HE shared that Lai Guanlin recently congratulated him for his debut. He also shared that he contacted Kang Daniel but he only read the message and he didn’t respond.

To end all the misunderstanding, Samuel posted a photo of himself as well as a clarification regarding the issue.

He posed at the backstage of M!Countdown and gave his thanks to the program. He also stated that he didn’t know Wanna One members were not allowed to have their phones with them so that they can focus on the preparations of their debut. He was able to communicate with Lai Guan Lin through a staff member’s help.

He also cutely apologized to Daniel and wrote, “It was a misunderstanding, Daniel. Good luck Wanna One and see you all next week!”.

Samuel recently debuted with ‘Sixteen” and Wanna One is scheduled to debut on August 7.

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