F.T. Island

FNC Entertainment released an official announcement about Seunghyun leaving F.T. Island.

FNC Entertainment surprised K-pop fans when the entertainment company revealed that Seunghyun officially gave up F.T. Island to focus more on his acting career.

FNC Entertainment revealed:

“Hello. This is FNC Entertainment. 

As of now, we have re-signed exclusive contracts with F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki, Lee Jae Jin, and Choi Min Hwan. The direction of the team will be determined after the end of their military service upon discussion.

The F.T. Island members have been consistently releasing music, and participating in many activities in different areas and are trying their best to broaden their horizons. We will help support that.

Another member Song Seunghyun will end his exclusive contract on December 31st as he has decided not to renew and will finish his activities with his members. While in F.T. Island, he participated in acting, musicals, short films, web dramas, and more through more platforms. He has transformed his career through acting and as he ends his contract he will be focusing solely on his acting career. This decision came after deep discussion and thoughts from the members and the label. The members are respecting Song Seunghyun’s decision and send their warm regards to him after being together for 11 years.

Thank you.”

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