Christmas Song

Yes! K-pop fans are in for a lot of Christmas song covers this December as Blackpink’s Rosé, AkMu’s Suhyun, Blue.D, and Twice’s Nayeon released their Christmas song covers.

Who would’ve though that a lot of K-pop singers will release a Christmas song cover this year?

First, Blackpink’s Rosé rocked the entire world and even trended #1 worldwide with her cover for the all-time classic Christmas song “The Christmas Song” which was originally sung by Nat King Cole.

YG Entertainment’s newest artist, Blue.D., also released an acapella cover of another classic Christmas song using Michael Buble’s arrangement for “Winter Wonderland.” 

Meanwhile, AkMu’s Suhyun and Twice’s Nayeon both released a cover of Ariana Grande’s “Santa, Tell Me” which sparked comparisons from fans. Though fans couldn’t help but compare the two covers, but it’s undeniable that the two artist did an excellent cover.

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