SHINee Taemin \

On September 4, SHINee’s Taemin posted a message on Dear.U Bubble to fans saying, “I don’t know why the Criminal was released on Rareteam, but it’s not a bright song. Why did it come like this? My plans have collapsed. I’m so upset…  It’s a song that you shouldn’t leave your impression like this. It was really depressing. Really.”

Taemin was upset that a small snippet of his upcoming song had been released without prior notice on his new reality show, Rare Taem. SHINee‘s Taemin is due for a solo comeback on the 7th of September with the song “CRIMINAL”. Taemin himself was working on the song really hard. However, it seems that the company missing his plans.

Taemin’s supporters requesting for all other clips fans may have recorded from the released video episode to be taken down immediately, while they contact the company to make necessary changes to the episode.

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