Suoer Junior Shindong

On September 3, Super M released their first-ever stage performance “Tiger Inside” on SM Entertainment‘s THE STAGE series.

Super M’s performance uploaded on their official YouTube Channel, directed by the group’s sunbae idol Super Junior‘s Shindong. Unfortunately, Korean Super M’s fans upset with Super Junior’s Shindong of his poor quality of the video, as a direct result of under-qualified directing.

One of the fans commented, “I’m so upset that I can’t help but leave this comment. If this is to give Shindong more money, let him work on Super Junior stuff only. Why is he practicing his hobby on his hoobae‘s stuff? He doesn’t have what it takes to be a video director. Even part-timer editors would do better than this. It’s as if he had no affection for the video. Why would he use unfocused zoom-ins? Why would he cut off some members in full angles? This is so amateur and yet he probably gets paid for every second he spends on it. He should be ashamed to show this to his hoobae groups.”

Shindong admits on his YouTube video to having “no legitimate background” in editing. “I’ve never really learned how to do color grading professionally… so I mean, I just do what I think looks good. I don’t know if what I’m doing is correct though” he said.

Fans are ruthless in holding the agency accountable for “taking away the opportunity for new fans to fall in love with SuperM’s pure talent and charisma” by “providing an amateur stage performance video to showcase the group.”

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