Upcoming dome concerts?

Following the suicide of SHINee’s Jonghyun, fans have been left wondering about what will happen to the boy group now. Almost 10 years to their debut, the group is known to have a solid fanbase in different countries, including Japan. Regarding their upcoming dome concerts in Japan, SM Entertainment released this statement

Thank you for always supporting SHINee.
This is a situation where we should announce the plans for ‘SHINee World The Best 2018 From Now On—’, which we announced recently. However, the members and staff are still mourning to the point they cannot accept this reality.
We are thinking carefully about what SHINee will do and are respecting the members’ decisions as they face this sad situation. We know we are causing much concern and disruptions to everyone supporting SHINee, but we would like to take a little more time.
We will let you know future promotions after making agreements. We ask for your understanding.

We hope that whatever decision made, it’s what the members find the best.

Photo credit: BEFF Report

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