South Korea President Moon Jae-In adopted ‘Tori’

South Korea’s recently elected president (following the impeachment of Park Geun-Hye) fulfilled one of his campaign promises. President Moon Ja-In had previously promised that he would adopt a rescue dog named Tori as the ‘First Dog’. The campaign promise was made as a mean to boost awareness of rescue dogs and abandoned animals.

Tori is a four-year-old black mixed breed and is recognized as the first shelter dog to attain the title of First Dog. It’s certainly not a common move made by presidents; since most First Dogs are either given as a gift or have been a part of the president’s household for a long time. Moon also has other two pets,  a 10-year-old Korean-breed Pungsan dog called Maru and a former stray cat, Jjing-jing.

Breaking prejudices

While it was true that South Koreans were often criticized for its custom of consuming dog meat, the tradition has fallen off the past years.

Photo credit: Reuters

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