Taeyeon mobbed at Jakarta airport

SNSD member Taeyeon suffered an unpleasant happening when visiting Jakarta, Indonesia. The singer went with group mate Hyoyeon to attend the countdown for Asian Games 2018. While no problem was reported with Hyoyeon’s arrival, Taeyeon wasn’t very lucky. After a long flight, she was forced to exit with a mob of fans swarming around her. She was knocked down and started crying. A security guard then carried her up, shocking the singer further. Taeyeon was reported to be very distressed from being touched excessively by the crowd.

SM Entertainment’s response

The label briefly responded to the controversy. SM Entertainment said, “Taeyeon was very surprised at the chaotic situation in Indonesia’s airport, but she is stable now. She is, in fact, more worried about whether any fans were injured.” They added, “She is currently working as planned locally.” They also added that security would be increased in order to prevent similar incidents.

Photo credit: Sports Seoul via Naver


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