Kings of K-Pop

Why do people always say that BIGBANG are the “Kings of K-Pop?”

If you are new to the K-pop industry, you must be probably one of the people who are wondering why many K-pop fans always say that BIGBANG are the “Kings of K-pop” even though the fans stan many K-pop groups from different companies?

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6. “Celebrities of Celebrities”

Yes, Bigbang are the “Celebrities of Celebrities.”

Do you know that Justin Bieber visited G-dragon at YG Entertainment’s building to meet him personally? After G-dragon had his “Angel” tattoo at the back of his neck, Justin Bieber later on was seen with the same tattoo on the same location as G-dragon’s tattoo.  Do you also know that G-dragon and Justin Bieber have a recorded unreleased song?

Photo: G-dragon and Justin Bieber hanging out together.

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Other western artists who love to see G-dragon in person are Paris Hilton who revealed in a show that she loves G-dragon, Jaden Smith who showed support for G-dragon’s Kwon Ji Yong album, Ludacris and Flo-rida both visited G-dragon in YG Entertainment too, Diplo, and more. The actress Chloe Moretz also mentioned in a show that she loves Bigbang and G-dragon.

Photo: G-dragon playing poker at Chanel’s Fashion show with the other VIP guests during the fashion show. Beside G-dragon is the singer Rita Ora.

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Eventually, G-dragon became friends with most of them. G-dragon is also friends with Snoop Dog, Pharrel Williams, Missy Elliot, A$AP Rocky, and more. Fun fact, even the Kardashians know G-dragon. Kendall Jenner and Kanye West once snapped a photo with G-dragon, and Kim Kardashian liked a photo of G-dragon’s friend where G-dragon was touching a Kim K’s butt-designed floater.

Photo: G-dragon hanging out with Pharell Williams.Image result for g dragon with pharrell

In Asia and in Korea’s entertainment industry, we all know how much artists and idols look up to Bigbang as a group and as solo artists even until today. Even China’s Angela Baby is a huge fangirl of G-dragon. BTS, iKON, GOT7, Kim Woo Bin, Kwanghee, Jeon Somi, and more artists publicly revealed their adoration for Bigbang. Some K-pop idols today also revealed that because of BIGBANG, they dreamed of becoming a K-pop idol.

7. Legendary Survivors

Bigbang are as strong as graphene.

No issues could stop the power of Bigbang’s music. Bigbang has been through the roughest ocean in the entertainment industry, but despite everything that the members had been through, Bigbang’s songs still continue capture people’s hearts and sweeps the Korean and international music charts.

Video: Bigbang dominating award shows for their MADE comeback after all the issues and their two-year hiatus.

Bigbang as a group or as solo artists can survive the competitive industry of K-pop with their music and with the undying support of their fans.

Regardless the generation, Bigbang still continue to be the top K-pop group in the K-pop industry. Remember when Bigbang released Flower Road, the song with no music video, no promotion, and the song that hasn’t been performed by Bigbang live, achieved 15 Perfect-All Kill? From the moment Bigbang released Lies in 2008 until the release of Flower Road in 2018, Bigbang proved to everyone that Bigbang as a group, knows no boundaries.

8. Legendary Live Performers

Every K-pop fan knows that Bigbang are the Kings of Live Performances. They make their songs sound even better during live stages. Bigbang also plan and design their live stages themselves. They put artistry on their live performances.

Video: BIGBANG’s unforgettable live performance at MAMA 2015.

More than 10 years in the K-pop industry, Bigbang continue to show professionalism and the longer they are in the industry, the better performances the audience are getting.

There’s nothing much to say since everyone knows about it already. If you want to see it yourself, here are the videos of Bigbang during MAMA 2015 and MMA 2015.

Video: BIGBANG’s 22-minute straight live performance at Melon Music Awards 2015. Bigbang performed 5 songs straight.

9. Unstoppable Awards

Bigbang’s awards continue to come even if they’re in a hiatus.

Despite Bigbang’s two-year hiatus tradition after every comeback, Bigbang still continue to earn massive number of awards all around the globe. It would take us a lot more pages to thoroughly discuss Bigbang’s awards inside and outside Korea.

Video: MTV saying how Bigbang introduced K-pop to the world.

However, to give you some of Bigbang’s international awards, Bigbang won World’s Best Group, World’s Best Live Act, and World’s Best Video of the Year at World Music Awards in 2014. World Music Awards is an award show honoring recording artists from different parts of the world based on artist’s worldwide sales figures provided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). World Music Awards is an award show with one billion viewers in over 160 countries.

G-Dragon also won World’s Best Entertainer and World’s Best Album for Coup D’Etat at the World Music Awards in 2014.

Back in the days when YouTube views were still not a thing, Bigbang also won Best Worldwide Act and Best Asia Act at MTV Europe Music Awards in 2011. Bigbang beat Britney Spears and Lena.

In 2011, Bigbang won Best Fan at MTV TRL Awards Italy. While in 2016, Bigbang won Best Artist from the World at the same award show in Italy.

In 2010, Bigbang won Global Unity Award at the United Nation Asia Pacific Global Tolerance with Music. These are just a few of Bigbang’s international achievements. There are still hundreds of awards more to discuss.

Also, Bigbang’s awards are not only from the music industry and popularity, some of Bigbang’s awards are because of their fashion and artistry. One example is when G-dragon received a grand prize from ‘it Award 2018’ for G-dragon Card’s excellent design.

10. Humility

Despite the global success that Bigbang have achieved all these years, and after consistently representing and leading K-pop’s success on a global scale since 2010, Bigbang continue to remain humble to everyone and continue to show their heartfelt gratitude to their beloved VIPs.

Almost 13 years in the industry, Bigbang still bow to other artists to show their respect, may it be to their seniors or to their juniors in the music industry.

Meanwhile to their fans, Bigbang treat VIPs like family.

Bigbang is the group that has been through the bumpiest road in K-pop. Some K-pop fans sometimes call VIPs as the “laziest fandom in K-pop,” but that doesn’t mean that the fandom is weak.

Despite receiving never-ending rumors and issues in Korea, VIPs still stayed beside Bigbang with utmost loyalty, faith, and respect. VIPs probably have been the fandom that endured and survived the most painful moments in K-pop after everything that Bigbang had been through.

Video: VIPs singing to Bigbang’s Last Dance.

But Bigbang never took for granted VIPs’ undying support for them. In return, Bigbang continuously produced classic and timeless songs that VIPs can proudly listen to. Bigbang always reach out to VIPs like a friend, a brother, a sister— a family. Bigbang never fail to make VIPs proud.

For more than 12 years that Bigbang and VIPs have been together, for all the pain that VIPs have endured and survived with Bigbang, for all the successes that VIPs have celebrated with Bigbang, for how many times Bigbang made VIPs proud, for how many times VIPs showed their undying and unconditional support for Bigbang, through thick and thin, Bigbang and VIPs survived the most painful moments together, Bigbang and VIPs shared the biggest successes of Bigbang’s legacy together.


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