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Which K-pop group has the most powerful vocals during live performances?
Check out Ulzzang’s top 5 K-pop boy group with powerful live vocals when singing live!



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iKON, a two-year-old group, is undeniably one of the groups with the most powerful vocals since debut. Being the newest boy group of YG Entertainment, everyone expected them to be excellent in singing live, and iKON never fail. iKON showed everyone that with their powerful and soulful vocals can smoothly move everyone’s emotions. Everyone looks forward to their live performances because people love their live performances as much as their recorded voices.

Check out these three powerful live performances of iKON. (SONGS: Just Go, Perfect, and Climax)



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BTOB is a six-year-old group from CUBE Entertainment. BTOB’s vocal line have one of the powerful vocals in the K-pop industry. Their cute visual might be really good to see, but their soothing and whole voices can make you fall in love with them.

Check out BTOB’s vocal line sing a ballad song below:


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Winner is also one of YG Entertainment’s boy groups. Two years older than iKON, WINNER prove that their live vocals live up to YG Entertainment’s high standard in voice quality. All Winner members can sing. With their majestic yet powerful vocals, you’ll surely love to listen to their songs all night!

Check out Winner’s breathtaking live performances below:


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Bigbang, the legendary Kings of K-pop, is a twelve-year-old group that became worldwide popular even before the start of YouTube views bandwagon. The hip-hop legacy in K-pop, you must be surprised how Bigbang made it to the list. Fun fact, all Bigbang members can sing low and high notes with powerful voices. Their rappers can sing and rap live at the same time.

Check out Bigbang’s powerful live voices below:

5. EXO

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EXO is a 5-year-old group from SM Entertainment. They might be known for their boyfriend looks, but EXO’s vocal line also has one of the most soothing yet powerful vocals in the K-pop industry. Their acoustic sessions are just as amazing as their dance songs!

Check out EXO’s live acoustic performance below:



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